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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Tip: Storing Your Yarn

There are so many different ways to store yarn, but you should have a storage system.  First, think about the type(s) of containers you want to keep your yarn in.  My long-term solution is to keep yarn in clear plastic containers (because I was to ensure that the yarn will stay dry and safe from moths, etc); my short-term solution is to keep an ongoing project in its own tote bag or plastic basket so that I'll have everything I need for that project already together in one place.  I've also been experimenting with canvas closet shoe hangers so that I can more easily see yarns grouped together.

Which brings me to a second consideration:  once you've determined how you want to store your yarn, you should determine how you want to sort your yarn.  The two most popular ways are either by color or by texture/weight.  Since I've decided that I really prefer to work with only DK and worsted weight yarns, it made sense for me to organize by color.

In a future tip, I'll go through some methods for making an inventory of all of your yarns!

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