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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Blogger Blues

I'm still not totally sold on this new interface that Blogger/Google has foisted upon us!  But I did get to meet a nice neighbor as a result.  Kay posted a notice on our community billboard, asking for help with making changes to her blog.  She especially wanted to give people a chance to sign up to receive her blog posts via email, so we were able to find the Feedburner widget and install it into her blog.  Got me thinking about my blog and what changes I should make (and whether my Feedburner widget is working properly since I haven't had any new signups for a while :-(  Any suggestions for me?

In the mean time, I have to let it slip that I've entered into a collaboration with a local yarn company that I am so excited about!  More to come since we are about to launch some really fun crochet projects this month.

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