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Friday, December 3, 2010


I was in Barnes & Noble the other day, looking for the latest issue of Inside Crochet magazine (yes, I've been getting both the electronic and hard copies -- it's an extravagance that I just can't help!), and I came across this wonderful Australian magazine called Yarn.  It's got knit, felt, crochet, and spin in it.  Mmmm, I would just love to go to Australia someday, it just looks like such a beautiful country filled with fun and interesting people.  I've had a few customers from Australia, and I just love thinking about how people halfway around the globe are making a pattern of mine!  It's only right that I return the goodwill :-)  I went to check out the magazine's website also, and it looks like you can buy PDF downloads of patterns as well as subscriptions to this and other publications -- 

There's an article in there as well about the History of Wool that I'm looking forward to reading, but for now, I am finishing up the mittens, getting ready for my Amigurumi class tomorrow, and figuring out which of the seemingly hundred projects I've got going that I'm going to go to next :-)

I've also got a long list of websites to check out regarding ways to leverage social media and the internet by small businesses, so I'm sure I'll be posting on that soon too.  But, a mitten thumb awaits me, so later my friends!

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