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Friday, July 30, 2010

Clownie Has A Face!!

Oooof, it has been so hot around here this past week, it's been hard to do anything, but I keep plugging away on Clownie.  And now, he's got a face.  I wanted him to have a sweet face since I think this particular clownie is intended for a baby.  What do you think?!

My friend rightly pointed out that a pom pom nose is NOT appropriate for a baby, so I am going to experiment with sewing on the nose also.  Now, I'm really getting to the fun part, putting clownie's pieces all together!

I've been adding some new tips to the site.  I don't know why a number of patterns these days use the term "2dctog" rather than "1 dec".  It's the same thing -- make a decrease stitch -- but I think the latter term is more descriptive.  Anyway, just wanted to mention it since I've gotten a number of questions recently on how to make a "2__tog".

Ok, back to clownie!

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