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Friday, March 19, 2010

Theme Music

I am soooooo excited -- DeAnn's gentleman friend, a professional musician, has worked up intro theme music for my podcasts!  I haven't heard a note yet, but I know it is going to be fabulous.  It was funny, there I was verbally describing what I want (not really having any idea how to properly describe it!), and DeAnn just knew!  She really gets me, which is just sooooo nice.

So, in the mean time, the radio show is this Sunday.  I've got a 10-minute segment, and I really need to think through what I want to talk about and also "tease" for the upcoming podcast, I don't want to wing it.  I've got so much I could talk about, so this is probably the perfect time to sketch out Sunday's segment and then the next few segments of the podcast.  I had really hoped to get the podcast ready so that listeners to the show would have follow-up material to go to right away, but alas, it is not to be.  I was so proud of how I managed to create a .wav file, convert it into an MP3, and then load it to my web host.  But how to create a link from here to there is where I got stuck.  But, that too shall come I'm sure :-)  If anyone's got directions or tips on how to do it, pleeeeeeeze let me know!

Ok, tonight I think I am just going to try to clear my mind, do some laundry, and maybe just make a list of the million things that need to get done!

Today's Thought:  Aw, heck, I'm too tired to think tonight.  I promise, I will do double thinking on the next post ;-)

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