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Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Countdown Begins

Well, actually two of them -- tonight's radio show and taxes!  I really need to worry about both of them today.  In the mean time, I guess as an avoidance mechanism, I keep trying to recreate the gluten-free bread I made for mom.  I'm hoping the problem has been bad yeast because it keeps falling and getting dense in the cooling phase :-(  I am going to stop experimenting (I've been trying different flours to see if I can correct some of the taste issues from last time) and just try to recreate the original bread that came out fluffy.

Other than that, I've been enjoying the amazing weather we've been having the last few days here in DC -- sunshine and 70 degree temperatures!  Though last night, instead of working on either priority project (see above) or mom's vest (I know, I know...), I came up with crocheted chair leg socks!  I had seen a feature in Daily Candy about an Etsy seller selling knitted socks for chairs.  "How clever" I thought, then saw that she was charging $20 for a set of 4.  That seemed a little steep to me, especially since they are knitted and not crocheted (because I always think that knitters have it easier than we do ;-)  I also figured many people would just want instructions on how to do it themselves, and sure enough, I saw a posting on Ravelry seeking a crocheted version.  So, I whipped out both round and square leg versions and posted the pattern on Ravelry!  check it out!

Today's Thought:  Please tune in tonight at 7 PM EDT or listen to the archived episode of  I will be talking about "mind, body, spirit, ... and crochet!"

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