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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


So, I'm home today, felled by the common cold.  I can't believe it, I dodged the swine flu after two people in my office got it, I scoffed at the 24-hour thing that went around afterwards, and now, I am wandering aimlessly around the house with a box of kleenex under my arm.  It's because I let my guard down.  I was keeping up a terrific pace last week, teaching twice, working on a big project at work, and going out with friends.  I let myself breathe a sigh of relief on Sunday that all was done, and whammo!

At least the splitting headache I had yesterday is gone.  I think the Zycam might be working, but we'll see ...  Now, I struggle with what, if anything, to do.  Part of me says, "take another hit of Nyquil and hit the sack"; the other part of me says, "do something productive."  I do have one work assignment that I should try to do, but that Nyquil hit is starting to look really good.

Today's Thought:  A plug for myself today -- I've got 82 tips up on and have challenged myself to get to 101 in 10 days.  Check in to see how I'm doing?

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