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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Wow, 2010, here we are!

I had such a great day today, I hope it's a sign of how the year is going to go.  I went to Barnes & Noble and found "Inside Crochet", a crochet magazine from England!  I haven't had a chance to really pour through it yet, but one word of caution that I have to remind myself of -- the English use different crochet abbreviations for stitches than we do here in the US.  But, I'm still excited to see how crocheters in other countries approach projects and what they're focusing on in the UK.

I also had lunch with a friend of mine who's currently living in Germany.  I got him to agree to look for crochet magazines for me when he gets back there :-)

I also figured out how to add more "buttons" to the blog for Ravelry and Lifetips, but these were harder because I had to configure the HTML myself to match up the pictures and the website addresses -- I'm feeling like quite the techie ;-)  It really was fun in a way.  Maybe this is the first step in getting me to the point where I can actually tackle doing something with my main website, but let's not get ahead of ourselves, let me just bask in the glory of getting two buttons working right!!

Ok, I need to go get ready now for a private lesson that I've got scheduled for tomorrow morning.  Happy New Year to everyone again, and thanks for reading my blog!

Today's Thought seems to be very knitters-oriented, but they have an amazing palette of yarns, so might be worth checking out

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