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Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year, New Challenges

As I continue to feebly prepare myself for going back to work for a whole 5 days in a row (something that hasn't happened in a while ;-), I find myself madly organizing, doing laundry, all the mundane stuff that gets put off til it can't be put off any longer. I think I'm almost actually "there", wherever there might actually be (clean clothes, no dishes in the sink, etc.). All of this of course is an attempt to avoid tackling the worst job of all -- cleaning off my desk and filing away all the paperwork, endless paperwork! I can't seem to stay ahead of it, but I keep trying to remember the tips I learned in Getting It Done by David Allen: try to touch each piece of paper only once (either take care of it if it can be done in 2 mins or less; file it in your file system for later action, or throw it away). Not sure I'm managing the one-touch thing so well, but the inbox on my desk is close to empty. I'm also trying to consolidate all those little bitty pieces of paper onto which I jot down "important" websites to visit or ideas to pursue. I've now got a big ole spiral notebook (yes, that's right, the old school spiral!) to write them all down in AFTER actually checking it out to see if it's worth keeping. A little pat on my back :-)

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