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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Dog Gone Days

Well, the doggie sweater is done! Hopefully, I will be able to post pictures of it soon, as modeled by the pooch who'll be receiving it.

Now, onto the next project -- getting the baby blankets done for the twins coming in June (I'm actually going to be aiming for the baby shower in April -- whew, that's not really that far away!). I'm debating about whether I wait til the sex(es) are determined by mid-month or just barrel on ahead with my colorful, unisex plan. Since the blankets will be made up of crocheted squares, I think I'll just go ahead and come up with a bunch of squares in each possible color, then put them together at the end of March. I can always make yet another blanket with the "leftovers."

Today's Thought: If you live in Washington DC and haven't been down to Barracks Row, you really need to go check out this up-and-coming neighborhood! In addition to Cafe 8, Ipso-Crafto opened last August next door to Stitch DC (great yarn shop!). They've got supplies for all sorts of crafts, along with classes and special kids events (their site needs a little updating, but it's got all their info on it

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