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Friday, March 27, 2020

Tip: The Well-Written Crochet Pattern

Just like yarn labels, crochet patterns contain a lot of information beyond just giving instructions on how to make a particular crocheted item.  A well-constructed pattern will contain almost all of the following components:

1) skill level (beginner, intermediate, advanced) needed to be able to complete the pattern;
2) a list of materials needed for the project, such as the recommended yarn and how much of it you will need, the recommended hook size,  and any notions (buttons, yarn needle, etc.) for finishing;
3) the measurements of the finished item, including a variety of sizes for garments;
4) the gauge information, usually presented as the number of stitches and rows that will result from using the recommended yarn and hook and that will fit in a 4x4 inch test square;
5) a glossary of terms and stitch abbreviations used in the pattern as well as specific instructions for a specialty stitch pattern being used;
6) some patterns will provide both row-by-row written instructions using words and abbreviations as well as a schematic chart using stitch symbols and/or drawings of the various pieces for the assembled project;
7) the designer's name and contact information; and
7) photos of the finished item, sometimes in different color combinations or yarn textures.

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