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Sunday, March 8, 2020

Happy NatCroMo 2020!!

Hey Crocheters, it's National Crochet Month, and I'm celebrating until Many Creative Gifts' 15th Anniversary on April 5th.  Keep reading for a great coupon code for my Ravelry Store.

It's so great to be a part of Crochetville's Designer Blog Tour in celebration of NatCroMo, and I've really been enjoying this year's theme of Crochet Memories.  I feel like I have quite a few of them at this point:  There are memories of learning how to crochet from my favorite 6th grade teacher and my aunt; there are memories of crocheting my first sweater with royal blue yarn and feeling like I could actually wear it in public; there are memories of making cute little baby clothes for dear friends' baby showers; and there are memories of creating Many Creative Gifts as an entrepreneurial endeavor to test out design ideas and new technologies! 

Speaking of technology, I've been going live on Facebook, with a quick crochet tip each time.  My goal is 30 days' worth of videos to give you a taste of my ebook 101 Crochet Tips.  I'll be posting the tips on this blog as well, and, as a result of this journey, I'm going to put together a new edition!  Stay tuned for launch details.

And, in celebration of NatCroMo 2020 and our 15th Anniversary, I'm offering my best discount yet -- a one-time use 50% off coupon code for your total purchase.  Just go to my Ravelry Store here and type in "50for15" in the coupon section at check out.  The offer is good until April 5th (11:59 PM EDT). 

I hope you've enjoyed visiting my blog and want to subscribe to future posts (see subscription box in left column).  I have a feeling that 2020 will be a great year in which to create some new Crochet Memories.  Thank you for celebrating NatCroMo2020 with me, and Happy Crocheting!!

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