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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

5 Must-Have Crochet or Knit Baby Shower Gifts

Yup, "Aunt Phyllis" is gearing up for some upcoming baby showers and arrivals!  And, though I've written about baby wear before, I'm not sure I've done it in an organized way all in one place, so I'll be putting together a series of posts on baby gifts that will link back to this outline post.

So, first, I wanted to do an overview of "baby essentials" (and then focus on items that can/should be crocheted or knitted).  Boy, does this concept mean different things to different mamas!  Basal Baby has simple, beautiful gift subscriptions for organic cotton basics for baby's first year, but it's a bit pricey. also has baby and kids clothes in simple styles and bright colors, and you can get 25% off on your first order (enter code: WELCOME25).  Now I haven't tried nor have any affiliation with either one but each caught my eye during research for this post.

I think the most comprehensive and well-thought out checklist for baby essentials and add-ons I came across is the one on Squawkfox.  There's a downloadable checklist and some great tips on how to save $$ on baby clothes.

So, here's what I'm going to be concentrating on in terms of baby shower gifts you'll want to crochet or knit (starting at the top!):

1)  Hat

Depending on when baby is going to arrive, which may dictate the style and thickness of yarn you use, a handmade hat could be the perfect baby shower gift.  There are just so many beautiful crochet and knit baby hat patterns out there!   And it can be a quick and easy project with yarns that you already have on hand but still a really special and useful item.  In a future post, I'll be discussing the different styles and constructions of baby hats and suggesting some ways to make decisions from the vast array of choices you have!

2)  Bib

The bib truly is a canvas, for baby with his or her food but for you as a creative crocheter or knitter.  Chances are your handmade bib is going to be a keepsake and used for photo sessions with baby, which frankly gives you a lot of latitude to create something one-of-a-kind and really special.  One thought is to package together a set of practical, easy-to-wash bibs along with your handmade gem.

3)  Sweater/Jacket

You might want to save this project for baby's first birthday so that you can really plan a customized style, color and yarn weight that fits just right.  A baby sweater or jacket is a great project for the crocheter or knitter who's ready to experiment with garment construction.  Again, the patterns out there are endless, so, in a future post, I'll explore some ways to choose a pattern that will result in a fun project for you and an amazing wearable for baby.

4)  Blanket

A baby blanket is a great crochet or knit project for the beginner because it gives you the chance to hone your stitching skills while creating a useful item that baby will drag around for years!  Which should steer you towards choosing a soft yet sturdy and easily washed yarn choice.  In a future post, I'll concentrate on providing the various sizes of baby blankets based on intended use as well as the yarn properties to consider when planning your project.

5)  Booties

If you're looking for a baby shower gift that will have the future mom and guests ooohing and ahhhing, little baby booties get them every time!  Add a coordinating hat, and you'll be getting orders on the spot.  Top considerations for this project include a) fit so that they aren't easily kicked off by baby and b) style (Mary Janes, cowboy booties, etc), so I'll be posting some tips and tricks to optimize and customize.

I'm really looking forward to exploring these and other crochet and knit projects for baby with you!!  I've got placeholders in each category where I will insert links to the future posts as they get done, so you might want to save this post link since it will have everything in one place.