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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Seamed Socks, Part 2

Well, they are done!!  The first post about these seamed socks is here.

I love them, and they were quite easy to make, but a few things I learned in the process:

1)  I should have done the ribbing for the ankle part with a smaller needle so that it would have been a little tighter and more rib-y looking.

2)  I did "two at a time" by using 2 of the 4 needles that came in the set for each sock.  I would follow an instruction for one sock, then go and follow the same instruction for the other sock, before moving on to another instruction.  There was a time when I needed 3 needles for one sock, so I finished up that part for one sock using the spare needle from the other sock, then went to the other sock and did that part with the third needle.  I'm so glad I alternated between making both socks at the same time because I was able to have the pair finished together, and I think it helped me ensure that both socks were getting made in the same way.

3)  The mattress stitch is challenging!  Thankfully, Purl Soho has a link to instructions built in to the pattern.  I had to fuss with lining up the two pieces to seam a few times, but it did actually work!  Oh, and thanks to YouTube and Purl Soho, everything I needed to learn to make the socks was pretty easy to find and follow.

4)  I want to learn how to do a short-row heel.  The heel for these socks wasn't that hard, but I don't think I like the look as much as a short-row heel.  I think I got a preview of what short rows will be like as part of decreasing the heel on this project, so I'm looking forward to giving it a try.  One thing I've heard many knitters say about short rows is "just follow the instructions, don't think, don't question, just follow the instructions, and you'll get it done."  Sounds interesting...

5)  There are more socks in my future, and I think I'm going to try from the toe up in a tube.  Let the adventure continue!

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