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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

8 Projects on My Crochet/Knit Bucket List

I talk (and pin) a lot of projects I want to make and techniques I want to learn, but it's really time to get serious!  So, I decided if I made a list, I'd be more likely to give each item a try; plus, it'll give me some good blog posts in the future :-).

So, here goes:

1)  Socks

Let's face it, knit socks have more stretch and flexibility than do crocheted ones.  I'd love to learn how to knit socks.

2)  Cables

I think cables look great in both knit and crochet, so it'll be fun exploring cabling techniques.

3)  Brioche Knit

I'm fascinated by the look of brioche -- the knitting technique, not the luscious French pastry bread.  I'd like to try it in two colors for a fun, reversible look.

4)  Charted Crochet

I'm pretty good at following written patterns, but there are some lovely Japanese and Russian crochet patterns out there that, thankfully, are charted.  I'd really like to explore crochet symbols more and get "Global Crochet" really launched!

5)  A Sweater

I love the idea of crocheting or (and?) knitting a chunky mod sweater or coat for myself.  I've seen and pinned some great versions on Pinterest, so I think it might be time to go through the patterns and pick one or two to make.

6)  A Skirt

While I'm at it, I probably should try a skirt too!

7)  Stuffed Toys

I have to admit, some of the amigurumi animals and stuffed toys out there are just too cute for words!  Especially the sheep ;-)

8)  Pillow Covers

Some of the cushions on the couch are looking a little worn, so I think it might be time to whip up some pillow covers in chunky yarns -- they should be quick, easy but designer looking.

Well, this list so far should keep me plenty busy for the foreseeable future, so I'll stop here.  But, I'd love to add your desires to the list as well; please connect with me on Facebook and add on!