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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I"m Back!

Hard to believe my "little break" turned into the whole summer!  And more than half of September is already gone as well.  But, no mind, we're up and running again.

Let's see, anything new to report?  A few things:  

1) Next year's NatCroMo celebration is going to be bigger and better than ever before!  I think Crochetville is going to outdo previous years by gathering not only crochet designers but indie yarn makers and shop owners to participate as well.  Even though NatCroMo isn't until March, I don't think it's too early to start planning.  I'll probably be giving some hints about my March 10th submission here and there as they develop, and I hope to add to last year's Tiny Squares project.

2)  I've been using this time off to make a few baby gifts and learn some new techniques, which I plan on sharing in future posts.  I've really been thinking a lot about how to combine crochet with knitting in different but easy ways, so I have a feeling you'll be hearing a lot more about that as well.

3)  And speaking of thinking, I've got my friend Charlene helping me with a little bit of strategic planning and niche building, so I'm sure I'll be sharing some of the ups (and inevitable downs) about that too.

So, I think these Fall and Winter seasons will bring some fresh and fun things to this blog, please join me on this adventure!