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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Project 2 is Underway!

But wait, you ask, what happened with Project 1?!  It is done, I just need to finalize the pattern and get it posted :-).  So, in the mean time, I want to keep things going.  Of course I'm trying to decide which one of the million ideas in my head I want to get started on.  I've been wanting to get into garment making as well as combining crochet with some knit, and this top of Mom's from way back when is my inspiration because I'd really love an updated version that's my own:

Now, to go pick out yarn that I already have...

I'm thinking this beautiful Rowan Softknit Cotton.  I've got 5 balls of it (who buys just 5 balls, what was I thinking?!  Mmmm, and different colors too.  I guess it was for a long-forgotten project).  Hopefully I will have enough or be able to hunt down some more. 

Ok, now I guess I should do a knit swatch and a crochet swatch to start figuring all of this out!  Oooo, I'm getting excited.  Stay tuned...

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