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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Project 1 -- Slouch Hat

Ok, I feel like I'm already cheating, but my first project in the year of making is a slouch hat for Looped Yarns Works for an intermediate crochet class and shop sample. A hat is a great next project for the beginner crocheter who's feeling comfortable making square and oblong things and is ready to learn how to work in the round. 

I'm using Cascade Yarns Cloud yarn because it's thick and works up fast; it's braided rather than plied so it's great for crocheting; and the colors and texture is just awesome for the fall. 

I haven't quite decided the hook to use (I'm leaning towards an H because I like a denser fabric, but an I is an option too), and I'm also deciding what techniques in addition to just working in the round I want to teach.  What's interesting about working in the round is that you can either not turn or turn at the end of each round, so I think I might play around with that technique in this hat. Ok, off to creating I go!

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