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Friday, May 9, 2014

Forging Ahead

I can't believe I didn't even post once in April.  Thanks to those of you still hanging in there with me.  I really do hope to get back onto a more regular posting schedule again soon.

So, what have I been up to in addition to hanging with Mom as she slowly but steadily recovers from her stroke?  Still working on a sample for Looped Yarn Works that incorporates some of the new spring/summer colors from Rowan Siena 4 Ply.  It's a beautiful 100% mercerized cotton yarn that's quite easy to work with.  I've been using a D hook to craft 1-inch square motifs in different patterns and color combinations.  I've discovered that it's not my favorite kind of project, but at this point, I'm in over 100 squares, so I am forging on!

Speaking of forging, I got a real treat the other day when I headed over to Barnes and Noble to pick up Issue 52 of Inside Crochet magazine -- Vogue Knitting has a new 2014 special Crochet issue!  Featured are some beautifully forged and handcrafted sterling silver and gold hooks by  I might have to break down and order a D hook for myself as motivation to complete the mini-squares project so that I can try out some of the amazing patterns in this issue.  I think the thing that struck me throughout the magazine was the use of so many different types of stitches and textures in the same piece.  Great color combinations as well. Just when you think there can't possibly be new and different ways to crochet, designers come up with amazing and innovative new designs.  Lots of inspiration to be had from this issue!

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