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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Humpty Dumpty in Crochet

Sorry to have been AWOL for so long, but I used the government shutdown to stay away from the computer.  I have discovered that staring at a computer screen and staring at a crochet project seem to have different effects on my eyes, the latter being so much more preferable!  And, a lot of crocheting I did!  Here's my latest project -- Humpty Dumpty in Crochet.

The pattern is now available in my Ravelry store at this link:, and if you purchase before October 31st, he's 20% off with this Ravelry coupon code:  Humpty2013

Now, you might be asking, why Humpty Dumpty?  Well, here's an example of how a crochet designer can get inspiration from just about anywhere.  I have family who lives in Bethesda, MD.  So, when I go to visit, I often cut across Connecticut Avenue to Wisconsin Avenue by going down Bradley Boulevard.  One day there was a bit of a back up, so as I was sitting there, I looked over and at the end of a house's driveway was a little stone Humpty Dumpty sitting on the retaining wall.  He really brought back memories of the children's nursery rhyme, and I did a little Wikipedia research to find out more.  Anyway, he got my creative juices flowing, and this is the result!

What's been inspiring you lately?!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sponsorship of the DC Rollergirls!

Many Creative Gifts is now a proud sponsor of the DC Rollergirls, the non-profit local league of women's amateur flat track roller derby!  Their eighth season began last Saturday at the DC Armory, and we attended the first bout between last year's champions Scare Force One and the Majority Whips.  Even though the Majority Whips did not prevail (routing for them since Carla Ganiel, aka "Surly Jackson" is a wonderful part of making my sponsorship happen; please check out her blog at, they made an amazing comeback, ending up only 15 points down.

Even DC Mayor Vincent Gray was there to open the season.

Here I am with the "mascot" of Scare Force One (don't tell Carla!)

These women are amazing athletes from all walks of life, and they are passionate about roller derby and giving back to the community.  Read more about the DC Rollergirls on our website and find out about how you can support this wonderful organization!