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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Whammo! and a New CAL

I was pretty cocky, thinking to myself that I had managed to get through the entire fall and winter without catching a cold or the flu.  So, when my husband caught a bad cold a few weeks ago, I laughed and told him not to worry about hugging me and sharing a cup, etc.  Well, I bet you know where this story is going.  Yup, I've been hit, and hit hard, by the cold since last Thursday.  Am just starting to feel like myself again today and getting back in the groove. 

But, I did use the opportunity between hydrating myself and taking naps to start Crochet Tracy's new CAL -- Yet Another Market Bag by Debbie Solinsky, available on Ravelry.  To join in, go to or her group on Ravelry to post pictures of your version of the bag.  Oh, and I just posted a video to our channel on YouTube about how to avoid cutting and joining yarn on each round of the mesh section if you want to keep using the same color.  Enjoy and post your pix on our Facebook page as well!

Here's a picture of my bag so far!

1 comment:

Tracy Joyner said...

Phyllis, you are so Awesome!
LOVE the colors for your bag :)
And I'm so happy to see you join !

Really sorry about the cold though..ick!