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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

CAL, Part 2

I'm almost finished with my Yet Another Market Bag, and I thought I would share what I hope are some helpful tips about how to make the handles.  It's going to take a little math, but bear with me!

I had 108 stitches around the top of my bag.  When I flattened it out, I decided that I wanted the handles to span 26 stitches.  Ok, so that means that I will use up 52 stitches for both handle spans, with 56 stitches remaining for the sides in between the handles.  Since I just hate fastening off and reattaching yarn, I started my first handle where the bag trim finished off (I did 4 rounds of single crochet stitches to finish off the bag).  I chained 60, counted to the 26th stitch from where I started chaining, and did a sc in the 26th st.  Then I single crocheted in the next 28 sts (which is half of the 56 remaining stitches), chained 60 again for the other handle, counted the next 26 sts, did an sc in the 26th st, and single crochet around again another 28 sts, which brought me back to my first handle.

Then, I started to work into the first handle's chains, but instead of working into the front, back, or both loops of the chain, I flipped over the chain and worked into the ridges or bumps underneath the chain.  Here's a new video on my YouTube channel that demonstrates the technique.

Ok, so hopefully I will be posting a picture of my finished bag shortly!

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