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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Both the squares and the special person behind them!  On Sunday, I got together with Karen who contacted me about helping her finish a project that her grandmother had started but never finished before passing.  And what she brought out was amazing!  Granny had created 111 granny squares from a kit she had bought at Sears many (many) years ago.

The kit calls for either 96 or 130 squares depending on the afghan size you want to make, so Karen's decision now is whether to go with the smaller version and have some squares left over or try to finish the missing squares.

Here they are, all laid out!  Since there's not that much yarn left from the original kit, and I seriously doubt we'll be able to find matching yarns, I'm thinking she should make use of the squares she has and use any leftovers for a pillow, etc.  What do you think?  Either way, she's going to have a great keepsake from her granny :-) 

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KathyFuller said...

Wow...such a wonderful opportunity she has to create another bond with her grandmother. What a blessing this will be for her now and to pass on to other members of her family. I think using the squares to make the smaller afghan and using the left overs for a pillow of some other accessory would be my choice. This story just made me smile. :)