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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Five and Fairies

Ok, five days until my CGOA blog post for National Crochet Month!  And, I've decided to post each day until then and to use the opportunity to curate and introduce you to some amazing crocheted items I've been coming across lately.  I wish I had the time and ability to create all of the wonderful ideas that pop into my head, but since that's not realistic, the least I can do is share other crocheters' amazing patterns and creations.

So, today's theme is the fairy doll.  I loved my pink glittery wand as a child, but this crochet wand and tiara are pretty sweet!  And I love these doll patterns posted by Crocheting Crab and Ana Paula Rimoli.  Using the amigurumi technique to create stuffed dolls is really much easier than you probably think -- all it involves is doing the single crochet stitch in rounds, increasing and decreasing to create the shapes you want.  Give it a try and post your creations on our Facebook page!