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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Drama on the Farm

Just got a letter from Caroline Owens with some interesting news -- turns out King is not living up to his name!  She explained how a breeding harness is put on the rams and different colored crayons are fastened on the harnesses to monitor breeding activity.  A ewe will not return to heat once she is pregnant, so as Caroline says "the worst thing you can observe in the breeding pasture is double colors on your ewes."  So, King was installed with a red crayon and sent out to work with a select group of ewes.  Every ewe had a red mark within 16 days.  Great!  So, they changed King's crayon to green.  Well, one ewe marked green the very next day, and over the next two weeks, all the ewes had marked green :-(  Thankfully, an unrelated ram named Baritone came to the rescue as did a ram lamb who was saved from market day.  Caroline was also able to purchase a new white Coopworth ram named Zeus, and he was turned loose on the three remaining un-bred ewes.

I also got word that "Roly-Poly Princess" is up to her old tricks again -- she has been stuck upside down several times in the last week.  When the Owens check the flock, she is one of the three "repeat offenders" they are looking for.  Oh, I hope she makes it ok and we hear some good news soon (and I get another box of fleece -- actually, I think I'm going to let someone else process it this time!) 

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