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Friday, September 7, 2012


Ah, I got a chance to stop by Barnes & Noble the other day and not only did I find the latest issue of the new Inside Crochet magazine, but I also found the Fall 2012 issue of Love of Crochet magazine and a new edition of "Crochet Traditions" by Interweave.  Well, you know how I spent that evening!

I have to say, now that Claire Montgomery is back at the helm of Inside Crochet, the magazine is better than ever!  I think Charles Voth did a great job as Interim Editor considering the circumstances he found himself in, but it's a good thing for us that Tailormade Publishers took over the magazine and revamped it.  There's a pattern in there, the Dover skirt, that is just beautiful. It's meant for pre-teens, but I think I could make a big girl version for myself ;-)  But, who am I kidding, I've got so many other projects going and that need to be going before I get a chance to make something for myself....


The Fall 2012 Crochet Traditions issue has some amazing examples of fine-thread and lace crochet in it.  And, the articles!  So much great information about the history and origins of different crochet techniques, you really should think of this more as an anthology-type book rather than just a collection of patterns.

Now, I admit it, the only reason I got the Love of Crochet issue is because it has my Kindle and iPad Covers pattern in there as a web bonus!  The magazine bought a lot of patterns from the old Inside Crochet magazine, without contacting the designers or anything, but our contract did have some language in it that pretty much allowed the old IC to sell our patterns to others without permission or further remuneration.  I keep emphasizing "old" IC because the new IC is not playing those kinds of games.  I know a lot of designers are still feeling really burned by the old IC, but I say, shake it off and move on and think of it just as more exposure!!

Love of Crochet -- Coming Soon!

It's so good to see more and more quality crochet publications! 

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Michelle Schot said...

Hi. Was just wondering about the picture on "Crochet Traditions". Is that project also available in the magazine? (or is it just a nice picture?) I live in the Netherlands. Found a German site that sells it. Am really excited.. fell in love with that lovely picture straight away.