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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Linked (Looped) Double Crochet Stitch

Welcome April!  So far, it's been colder here than it was in March, but no complaints as long as it stays sunny.  And I am definitely looking at spring as being a new beginning and yet another chance to get back on track (or at least not wobble off of it!)

Much has been going on behind the scenes.  I've got a new video posted on how to make the linked (looped) double crochet stitch.  It's a fun alternative to just doing a regular single or double crochet stitch since it looks a little like both.

Hope you'll check out my other videos on YouTube at  I'm finishing up some projects and starting my spring cleaning (which I don't think really has ended since last spring!)  But more posts on that coming soon!

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