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Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Press Release

Today's post is a more business-oriented one because, now that my cold is almost gone, my head is ready to get back into my grand plans for 2012.  And, I got an email today from the SmartBrief folks with a link to a free guide on writing online press releases by the PRWeb service (they do ask you to register in order to download the guide, but I haven't felt inundated by them in the past).  I've been using for my news releases (all two of them!) because it's pretty easy to use, but it's worth checking into a number of sources before picking one or two to use.  I'd suggest first doing some research about the services that are recommended for the field in which you work.  Each service has a different emphasis, but the big ones like PRWeb and PRLog seem to cover all the range of topics.  It's a great way to get some added exposure among sources that you might not otherwise have thought of or have access to.  So far, I've just used it to announce publication of my 101 Crochet Tips Kindle book and a giveaway of a copy of the Crocheter's Design Companion.  I'm thinking, though, that it could be a great way to update on Princess Maple Leaf :-)

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