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Friday, February 17, 2012

Pinterest Mania!

So, I had heard about Pinterest months ago, but said "oh, another service to join?!  just can't do it."  Well, I have discovered the error of my ways --  I am "PhyllisofMCG" so come follow me!  They make it very easy to "pin" items to your site and organize them.  It's funny that I resisted for so long, when I'm the one who has an actual cork board hanging above my desk! 

But, looking at it as a small business owner, I didn't want to just sign up for yet another service that I wasn't going to use.  It's important to assess all of the services you belong to and to either utilize them or bow out.  I know it's a struggle to want to maintain a presence on all of these potentially business enhancing tools, but if you're not able to really keep up with them, your presence isn't going to have that much of an impact (or potentially in a negative way).  So, go check out Pinterest and see if it's right for you, but also take this opportunity to see what other services you should be phasing out.


Renee said...

It took me awhile to warm up to Pinterest, but now I can spend hours on there, LOL. I don't do Twitter and Facebook is only for family right now. I do write the occasional blog post, but between that and my actual crochet; who has the time?

Renee :)

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