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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I'm sure everyone's experienced that period in their lives when you're on a roll, you're getting stuff done, you've got a plan, and, pow, it's all derailed.  Thankfully, it wasn't due to a bad event -- I just got stuck on jury duty (again).  All last week and Monday and Tuesday morning of this week.  It was an interesting case, but I am now so behind at work and on my projects :-(  The bright spot was the beginners' crochet class that I gave last Wednesday night -- 6 wonderful students who were really picking things up quickly!

Oh, well, enough with the moaning and groaning, I just gotta get back on a roll (rather than playing Tetris on my iPad!!)  So, give me a few days, and I hope to have some new items to post.

PS  Caroline Owens tells me that Princess' fleece is on its way to me!!

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