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Monday, January 16, 2012

The Naked Princess!

Sorry about the sensationalist headline but Princess has been sheared!

I should have about 7 pounds of fleece coming my way soon!  Mmmm, I'd better start looking for that yarn spinning class :-)


MiskquiMajik said...

Princess I am working on a Fake Fur sheep coat for you you little naked sheep....she must be freezing poor girl! I will be sure to use some pink & blue fake fur in the coat since she's having a baby or babies???? She will look like the Queen she is about to become! Now farmer john its time for Princess's acrylic nails and airbrushing time (she's a princess you know....I guess you call this a Sheep Spa!)

MiskquiMajik said...

Boy you can tell she sure doesn't like her new haircut! :o(
Ears back and mad as heck by the look in her eyes! Well, I better find a class too...maybe, SHEEPGAL.blogspot can help us Newbies worth a try lol. Poor princess they made her have poodle puffs what the heck LOL...