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Saturday, October 1, 2011


Mmmm, I still have a crush on my husband!  He's just so cute, inside and out.  And today is our anniversary, number 6.  I'm very fortunate -- despite some crazy work hours lately and being behind on projects, housecleaning, etc., life is still pretty good.

I was reminded of this yesterday when a single friend of mine was bemoaning the dating life.  It's easy for me to talk, but I was encouraging her to just try to enjoy each day and each encounter and try not to think about where it could lead, what it all means, etc.  But, it's true for all of us, single or married.  We're not promised tomorrow, we just have this very moment, to make the best of it as we can.  I tell myself that when bending down for the upteenth time to pick up that man's balled up socks (see, married life isn't all perfect either!).  But, I'd rather be bending down for those socks than dealing with some of the challenges that I know lots of people amazingly deal with every day.

So, no matter what your situation is, please stop today for just a moment, and think about one bright, positive thing going on for you and relish it, squeeze it tight, and "be thoughtful" about it.

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