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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tunisian Crochet Challenges

You know, after coming up with the Tunisian instructions and scarf pattern, I really haven't been working with the Tunisian crochet technique lately.  But I'm getting inspired by Dorcas, a crocheter from Scotland whose jumper/sweater pictures I posted not too long ago.  I got the chance to follow up with her recently to get to know her better and find out more about her frustrations with the lack of Tunisian crochet patterns:

Dorcas, tell me a little about yourself

I'm married with no children at home and one grandson in Florida.  I live in Livingston, Scotland, which is half-way between Edinburgh (my home town) and Glasgow.

When did you start to crochet and experiment with Tunisian crochet?

I became interested in crochet when I heard about "Tunisian Crochet" about 20 years ago! However, trying to find suitable patterns was a "no go" - until, now, and having broadband at home. I managed to find a VHS Video on Tunisian Crochet (still have it - but not the video machine!) however, never managed to stay awake through the whole video. After trying local shops for tunisian crochet patterns, I actually gave up! Till now. I was re-inspired when I came across Phyllis of Many Creative Gifts and re-started when given Left-handed instructions.

What technique or idea do you want to try next?

Being in Scotland is probably the reason why I cannot find any patterns of interest to myself. Its strange really, as two main shops where I occasionally buy my yarn, sell Tunisian Crochet Hooks - but, NO patterns! Although I have made a Tunisian Jumper - home wear only - and in Tunisian simple stitch; I would like to make a traditional raglan sleeve, high neck, jumper - but have not yet found a pattern. The next techniques I would like to try are the honeycomb stitch and the x-stitch.


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