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Sunday, July 24, 2011


I've been coming across a number of articles lately that discuss taking risks.  We small business owners know all about that, we do it every day!  But, I'm discovering that, even when I think I'm not getting anywhere (had that feeling lately?), just taking the risk of putting myself out there each day, in any small way, that mere action is what separates us action takers from others who don't follow their ideas or instincts.  I really like Rick Marini's (CEO of BranchOut) recent quote "Ideas are cheap, execution is hard." 

Just doing a little each day to put your ideas into action really can make a difference.  For example, I've been picturing in my head this new pattern for girl and boy baby sweaters.  Now, that's great, but finally going to the yarn store and getting the yarn for them is the first action step that I needed to take.  My next action step is to start figuring out measurements and gauge samples.  What action steps do you need to be taking?! 

For more inspiration, you might want to take a look at Seth Godin's new book Poke the Box -- I really like his writing style, he's not saying anything you don't already deep down know, but he organizes his thoughts in a way that makes you think.

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