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Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Crochet Geek

I had the pleasure of meeting the Crochet Geek Teresa Richardson while she was here in D.C. for a Google-YouTube conference on Capitol Hill.  She was on a panel with two other YouTube success stories to discuss "Making Money on YouTube."  Frankly, she's the only one on the panel who really answered the moderator's questions, even after he was a bit condescending to her (don't worry, some of us in the audience heckled him back!)  It was an odd situation though -- each of the panelists had started putting videos on YouTube as a service to a potential audience and had ended up partnering with Google to earn income, but the audience were mainly Congressional staffers who were trying to learn how to help their members reach their constituents.  There were lessons to be learned, sure, but it was a mismatch in a way.

Anyway, Ms. Richardson did a great job, and I was so glad to be there to support her and learn from her.  You know, when you see a well-made video, you first think "oh, that's easy."  Then, when you actually go to try to make one, as I've been trying recently, you realize how much is involved!  Her videos really are wonderful, and her Sock Monkey is so cute.  Please be sure to check out her YouTube channel via her blog.  And, I hope to have my own announcement soon about some videos I've got planned for my YouTube channel, so stay tuned!

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