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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Combat Knitters

Great article in today's Washington Post about the "Combat Knitters" in Afghanistan and a group in Virginia who's been shopping at Fibre Space and shipping boxes of yarn to the knitters!  Of course, I'm sad that we're not talking about "Combat Crocheters" (even has a better ring to it!), but hey, hard to complain in this situation ...

And, tomorrow is my annual pilgrimage to the Washington Home and Garden Show at the convention center.  I just love seeing all the beautiful gardens and landscaped backyard displays, then wandering through the marketplace looking at all the live info-mercials!  Yes, I admit it, it's a guilty pleasure to get sucked in by all these products that are going to change my life ;-)  I have to say, except for one or two duds, I usually come away with some useful stuff.  One year, I had to call my husband and have him come meet me with the car because I couldn't carry everything!  But, the last few years actually have been a bit sparser in offerings.  I think the economy has hit this sector pretty hard.  Well, I will report back about my finds.

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