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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ice, Ice Baby!

Yes, DC is getting hit with yet another ice storm.  I'd much prefer snow -- so much safer and prettier.  But, what a great day to stay in, do some work, and crochet!  Though, I'm going to have to venture out later to conduct the second session of our 2-session Intro to Crochet class tonight at Looped Yarn Works.  I'm in the process of putting together an Intermediate Crochet class so that we can explore more advanced stitches and techniques.  Any suggestions always welcome :-)

Otherwise, more new patterns in the works, but the newsletter continues to be delayed due to "technical difficulties".  We really hope to have it out soon, especially since we've got some really interesting and hopefully helpful information to share.

The Tunisian scarf is coming along nicely:

I'm planning on writing it up as part pattern, part instructional materials.  We'll be having a class on it at Looped Yarn Works in March.  I'm enjoying Tunisian more and more, though I can't speed along as much as with regular crochet.  I have to say, I find scarves challenging -- it seems to just take FOREVER to gain length, but then suddenly, you're finished!  I'm looking forward to experimenting with Tunisian to see what other items can be made with it besides square objects ;-)  (baby sweater perhaps?!)

Ok, nice break, but back to "real" work!

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