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Sunday, January 9, 2011

And It's Already Sunday

Well, the weekend is in effect already over :-(  It's been a relatively productive and happy one though, so no complaints I guess.  In the waning hours left of my Sunday evening, I thought I'd share with you a concept that I've heard a number of motivational gurus talk about -- The Power of an Hour.  Since 20-minute blocks of time seem to be optimal in many ways for starting new and better habits (it's long enough to have a realistic impact, and it's short enough that you can tell yourself that you can stand just about anything for 20 minutes
;-), think of an hour as a chance to kick start three important activities that you want to make a part of your life.  An hour total, again, is not that long of a time.  We can certainly cut out one TV show or net surfing session in order to gain the benefits of the three "good" activities you are going to adopt.  Jack Canfield recommends reading, exercise, and meditation, but perhaps you want to pick crafting, cooking, and reading.  Whatever the activities, 1) decide what they are, 2) grab an egg timer and set it for 20 minutes, and 3) start!

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