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Saturday, October 23, 2010

What Trolling the Internet Will Get You

In my case, some quite interesting sites to see!

First up is "Regretsy", a site "where DIY meets WTF".  There are just some really "interesting" crafts on there.  I'm not going to repeat some of the comments posted, and I really admire Sally Ives for taking it like a woman:  "Feel so 'honoured', an item of mine was finally featured on 'Regretsy':  Thankfully, they didn't say it was a hideously ugly piece, and I did laugh--their comment is pretty much why the face is blanked out!"

Then there's this crochet posting that my brother-in-law came across while checking in on his favorite auto site:

Olek, a Brooklyn based artist, just closed her installation, "Knitting is for Pus****" in which she swaddled a host of everyday objects in vividly colored crochet. Everything from bicycles to televisions and living, breathing people got the yarn treatment, including a plaster remake of a 1959 Morris Minor.

Ok, so go have fun wasting some time on the 'net!

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