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Sunday, October 10, 2010

September Round-Up

So, the September Round-Up on FaveCrafts has been posted -- who inspired you to be an artist?  why do you create?  For some responses, including mine, go to this link:

Whew, so I just taught my first class over at Looped Yarn Works!  It's a two session introduction to crochet, and I think it went well.  The "classroom" at Looped makes it so easy to give students individualized attention around this comfortable table.  There's just such a great vibe in both rooms :-)  I've got a Tunisian Crochet class coming up in November, and Amigurumi Crochet in December.  I'm thinking about adding some more classes, so if anyone's got any requests, just let me know!!

Ok, back to unearthing myself from piles of paper!  Happy Columbus Day!

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