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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How to Sell Online Effectively

Well, I was hoping to catch up on reading all of the articles, downloads, bootcamp modules, etc., that I have put aside on small business and entrepreneurship, but of course, started to get distracted by bright, shiny objects!  I did get some great insights from a recently released eBook by Meylah, a site that seems to combine a storefront platform, a blogging service, and online tutorial sales.  I'm really not up for creating yet another site that I have to maintain, but I do believe they make available a lot of sound advice in setting up your small business.  Here's where you can download the eBook:

I think I'm finally starting to get the hang of social media also, but I still find it really hard to open up about myself.  Sometimes, when I write a blog post or send out the newsletter, it feels like it's going out into this black hole.  I mean, really, does a newsletter give advice if no one reads it?!  But, then you discover that people actually do read what you write!  It's so exciting to find out that you've passed along information that others actually read and find useful.  So, even if you are sending out messages and not getting comments or direct messages from your recipients, don't be discouraged, just keep conversing, even if it does seem like a one-sided conversation :-)

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