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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bzzz, Bzzzz

Ok, that's my feeble attempt to sound like a bee.  I was about to say busy bee, but not as much as I was hoping because family commitments took priority this weekend, but I wanted to put up a quick post about a wonderful new community that I have joined --  It's like Facebook, Twitter, and a blogging community, all in one for crafters and artists!  I love that the founder Melissa Marro calls herself the Queen Bee in the true sense of the position -- she's the creative force of the hive, a member of the hive, and a fierce protector of the hive.  Frankly, unlike some other organizations (which I'm going to leave nameless for now), I feel very welcome and supported by the hive community.  No wonder -- Tiffany Windsor, Gerri Curless, and a number of other truly generous artists are members!  Anyway, I think for any of you seeking a supportive and empowering environment in which to gain and/or share inspiration and creativity, the Hive is worth your visit!

Ok, a few more responsibilities to fulfill, and I'll be back :-)

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