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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blogging from A.C.

Yes, I am actually on vacation in Atlantic City, New Jersey!  It's kind of a crazy place to go on vacation, but it's got a nice beach, some wonderful restaurants, tax-free outlet shopping, and free wifi at the Starbucks, so what more could I want!!  Today is kinda overcast, so seemed like a good time to fire up the netbook and blog :-)  I just also put up some new tips on the Lifetips site.  I found a great blog, Crafting With Style, in which the blogger posts a guide to all of the different bed and crib sizes and how to figure out the right size to make a blanket or afghan.

I'm also interested in doing a little more research into Intarsia.  I always thought of that term as being for only knitting, but I've come to realize that it can apply to crochet as well.  I posted a tip about that too, but I really haven't used the technique very much before -- maybe the next project.  I have started the hot water bottle cover project because I was in the mood to work with FPdc (front post double crochet).  I really like how you can create the look of cables in crochet using this technique.  I've almost got enough done to be worth taking a picture of and posting, but that'll have to wait til I'm back home.

And, for those of you following me for the small business and self-publishing tips, I will hopefully be posting on some breakthroughs I've made recently, but it's a bit premature, so please stay tuned!

Ok, I see the clouds shifting, so it might just be time for a beach walk! 

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