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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Real Website?!

So, of course like many small business owners, I've been struggling with getting a real website up and running.  I have my domain name and hosting services with Network Solutions, which of course is more than willing to sell me an expensive package of design services, etc.  And, I have to say, they've been very nice whenever I've called or written in with questions, so no complaints, but you are on your own with that service.  But, alas, all I have is a one-page site directing visitors to other sites (thank you honey!).  Oh, to have a real site that truly provides a one-stop resource!

Well, recently, I was trying to catch up on some old issues of Entrepreneur magazine (totally worth picking up) and came across  You can use their templates and build a free site.  For $50 a year, you can get rid of the yola branding at the bottom of the site and get more services.  For $350, they will put together the website for you.  So far, so good -- I have found it to be very user friendly, and they responded very quickly when I sent a message about being able to publish the site to my existing domain name and service.  Now, I haven't actually hit the "publish" button yet, but as I said, so far this all seems legit and good, so just saying...

Ok, Clownie is coming along well, his head is almost done, and then, I will tackled the pom poms.  I hope I can find that video on YouTube again about how to make them!

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