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Monday, July 19, 2010

The Mind is a Terrible Thing...

No, seriously, it can be a terrible thing, to waste or not!  Have you ever tried to define what the "mind" is?!  And never mind the subsets -- attitude, behavior, smarts, etc.  Well, that's what I've spent part of the weekend doing, both for the newsletter and the website.  In trying to figure out how to present helpful and interesting information, I thought I had better define some terms or at least have a starting point.  Well, it has been challenging, but as I always say (but not necessarily do), just take it in bite-size pieces :-)  Ugh, and I haven't even started on Spirit yet.  I think the key is going to be to keep things simple -- let each reader define things for him or herself, but offer what will hopefully be useful and maybe thought-provoking selections.

Update:  Clownie has a head!  But, strategically, I'm discovering that Clownie should have a hat first, so that I'll know how to position the face, so that's the next aspect of this project to nail down.  Famous last words, but the hat should be quick and easy.  I'm getting excited about putting him all together!

Ok, time to pay some bills before hitting the road!

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