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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tug of War

Remember that game from the playground?!  You'd be pulling with all of your might, just to be upended by someone pulling harder from the opposite direction.  Welcome to my world :-)  I've been in a neverending tug of war with myself the last few days, trying to get everything done and struggling with which project takes priority.  The Yarn Club shipments went out, but at the expense of not taking pix to post like last time.  But, no worries, I'll be posting information on this month's shipment and listing the patterns on Ravelry soon.

The other major pull has been working on my 101 Crochet Tips in 101 Days.  I'm still on target, but I could use everyone's help, and I do have a great giveaway!  Here's the deal:  send me your trickiest crochet problem, and if I use it for a tip, I will send you the pattern of your choice for FREE!  Please either leave a comment here (with a way for me to contact you) or send me an email at

Alrightee, back to work for me!

Today's Thought:  I just became aware of Jessica Swanson, the Shoestring Marketer.  She's got a great website, blog, and twitter comments that convey useful information and actionable items for approaching small business marketing on a shoestring (i.e., zero) budget.  Check her out at

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