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Saturday, February 6, 2010


Or Snowmaggedon, or Snowpocalyps -- pick your preferred name, but any way you look at it, we've had A LOT of snow.  It definitely is different from the storm in December; this one is much denser, icier, just more, more, more.  Went walking around a bit, and it's getting colder too, which is definitely not going to help the icy parts.  But, it is all very beautiful...

It's been a good crochet day, Mom's Vest now has a back to it and one side.  I'm hoping to get the other side done tonight, then it's time for her to try it on again. 

I've also been doing a little bit of online shopping.  I have to chuckle when I think about how hesitant I was to shop at Amazon when they first got started, I mean, seriously, they were collecting information about me, how shocking.  Now, heck, I let them keep my credit card numbers on file so I can one-click order!  Besides a couple of new crochet books and some Pyrex glass containers (I'm really try to eliminate using plastic as much as possible), the really exciting purchase I made was a USB microphone that's supposed to be appropriate for podcasting -- I think I am going to take the plunge!

Today's Thought:  Food Rule # 26 - Drink the Spinach Water.  Mr. Pollan explains that the water in which fresh vegetables are cooked is rich in vitamins and other vegetable compounds, so you should keep that water to use in making soups and sauces.  So, I kept the water in which I cooked a bunch of beets and actually drank it straight!  I have to say, maybe it's psychological to an extent, but I always feel better after taking a swig or two of the beet water ;-)

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