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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Let It SNOW!

Argh, I'm feeling like I'm back in upstate New York but without the clean-up!  We've had so much snow here in DC, and it's beautiful and all, but really, people around here can't handle it, and I'm starting to get cabin fever.  Another big snow is predicted for this weekend, so most likely, another weekend of postponing errands.  Well, the upside definitely has been the chance to snuggle up and crochet!  Full steam ahead with Mom's Vest, that project remains numero uno priority.  I've also got another heart pattern that I've been doublechecking and hopefully will have out in time for Valentine's Day; otherwise, I'll make you all wait til next year ;-)

Nothing on the techie front to report either, though I'm still determined to get my actual website up and running.  It has slid in priority, though, since I've been discovering ways to make the blog more interactive and have really been concentrating on developing the crochet tips content.  I'm still toying with getting a podcast going as well, but believe me, you don't want to hear my voice right now with the lingering congestion!  So, we'll see...  baby steps!!

Today's Thought:  Food Rule # 58 -- Do all of your eating at a table.  And, no, a desk doesn't count.  Mr. Pollan rightly points out that, when we eat while we're working or driving or watching TV, we tend to eat mindlessly and without attention.  So, we end up eating much more than if we were at the dining room table without distractions.  So, last night, dinner was served at the dining room table, with no TV or radio on in the background.  As a result, we had a nice meal and good conversation (we talked about how in the world humans ever discovered how to make bread!)

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