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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Valentine's Day Crafts eBook

Yippee, so my simple red and pink crocheted hearts are featured in a Valentine's Day Crafts eBook that you can download for free at
The hearts work up really quickly, so you've still got plenty of time to make some by V-Day :-)

So, I am feeling a lot better thankfully, and I have to say, the sight of $$ hitting my PayPal account has definitely lifted my spirits!  My Scalloped Baby Hat Pattern and the hat itself sold within hours of my posting them.  I'm so happy when I can come up with a crochet pattern that people want to make (and buy, of course, but really, it's about more than that) or want me to make for them.  It's like, wow, I created something that others like and appreciate and hopefully got a happy moment from.  In many ways, that's what this is about for me -- spreading pretty and happy things into the world (hey, I give out a lot of free patterns too, so you know I'm keeping it real here).  I love looking on my Ravelry account and seeing the hearts that crocheters have given some of my projects.  Sorry if that sounds sappy, but come on, we need to hold on to all the pretty and happy things we can these days...  For you cynics out there, yes, I will freely admit that the ka-ching in my PayPal account is pretty and happy too ;-)

And, to that end, my wonderful blog readers, if you would like to purchase the Scalloped Baby Hat pattern too, I'm offering it at a 10% discount on the left panel of the blog.  After your purchase, I will email the pattern to you as a PDF document within 48 hours (probably even sooner!).  Thanks very much for reading and following MCG!

Today's Thought:  So, I have started to read Michael Pollan's Food Rules and really want to start following them as best as possible.  I think I will dedicate this part of the blog to that endeavor, sharing with you a food rule of the day and ways I'm trying to follow it.  Stay tuned!

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