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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Only a Few Days Left...

Prices go up on the Yarn Club for Crocheters on the 15th, so sign up now for your full or half membership!  Thanks to those of you who have already let us know that you're in; the rest of you, jump on the yarnie bandwagon :-)

I got my yarn shipment yesterday from Yarn Love and am looking forward to starting the little girl's sweater project.  But, first, I must start my mom's vest.  Thank goodness that's what she wants!  A few years ago (yes, years), she asked me to make her a sweater.  She had found a pattern that she liked, we went to the store to buy the yarn that she wanted, I crocheted all of the pieces (front, back, arms), and then, poof.  Nothing, nada, never finished.  I just have never been able to make myself put the pieces together!  Ayeeeee, I've lived in shame and guilt over this for a couple of years, though I discovered over the weekend that Mom forgot all about it!  I will redeem myself with the vest -- it is going to be my own design (so not too many pieces), I'll use the yarn that she's already picked out, and no arms to attach!  I really do think it was the fear of attaching arms that led to my downfall (because you know, if everything's not the right size, it's not going to fit together properly).  Anyway, now that I've confessed my past debacle and my redemption project, I'm hopeful this vest will get whipped out in no time.

Ok, speaking of starting a redemption project, that's tonight's task :-)

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